Rarity: Common
Attack Type: Melee, ranged


Health: 4/10
Damage: 5/10

Shriekers are dangerous enemies to encounter. They are quick and can launch an acidic spit attack at short ranges. In addition to this Shriekers can also summon more enemies which may lead to hordes of enemies. In exchange Shriekers are one of the weakest enemies, only taking 3 hits with the Kitchen Knife to kill.

Tactics Edit

This nether will spit acid directly at you causing temporaral blindness but it can be dodged also if it is in some trouble it can call out for other nether in the area to assist in the fight. Running away is not advised with this nether as it increases the call distance to other nethers, you should usually kill them quickly with a strong melee weapon.

Unique DropsEdit

Shrieker tongue

Experience Points For Killing Edit

50 XP

See AlsoEdit

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